Friday, June 19, 2009

Bo's Big Ole Tub O' Butter

We've taken a lot of adorable photographs of our family dogs and cats over the years, but I have to admit none of them has ever had their house -- the most majestic house in the United States -- be such an incredible background for their portrait. As my mom's friend Lisa would say, "Bo Obama has fallen into a tub of butter."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Enchanted Vegas Weekend

I had a day off work last week. It doesn't happen very often. I always say I'm going to sleep in on my day off, but usually I'm so excited about having a day off that I don't want to miss a moment of it sleeping, so I'm up before the crack of dawn.

And so we went to Vegas. No, it's not the time to be going to Vegas, but that's never stopped us before. So we loaded up the car and headed off down the road.

We went back to one of our favorite haunts -- the Green Valley Ranch Resort. It's in Henderson with a marvelous view from the pool area of the Las Vegas strip. For those of us who have reached a certain age, ahem, it keeps you out of the mix of drunken bachelorette parties and dudes in baggy shorts carrying three-foot long frozen margaritas. I'm sure it has an appeal for some demographic, but I'm fairly certain I'm old enough to be that demographic's mom.

We weren't as thrilled with the hotel as we have been in the past. We're still giving it a thumbs up, but economy has taken its toll on all of us and it's the little things that seemed to have been overlooked there. The phone on the desk in the room didn't work, the lighted mirror in the bathroom was burned-out, the television remote needed new batteries and was constantly fall apart, and room service on Sunday morning was an hour late. But I think the worst of it all was that they no longer have big white cushy terrycloth robes waiting for you in the rooms. I was a big fan of those robes.

We had a new strategy for playing the slots -- and it worked -- to some degree, at least we came home with money in our pockets -- which we consider to be quite a victory. I even bought a new 'big bucks' coin purse for my 'winnin's'. It has 'Show 'em The Bacon yer Out There Makin' emblazoned on the side. I filled it up with change.

We had a big adventure on Saturday as we took the 1:00pm shuttle from the hotel down to the strip, and found out about a place where they sell same-day tickets for Vegas shows at a discount price. The ticket line was out in the sun and heat, but the broker provided large yellow umbrellas for everyone in the line. The moment I put my umbrella up, the wind caught it and turned it inside-out. I did battle with it on my own for a few minutes like a crazed Mary Poppins. I was laughing so hard at my plight that I could barely speak when the girl who worked there came over and attempted to lend a hand. I nearly poked her eyes out attempting to wrestling my wayward umbrella to the ground. I apologized, but I knew that an apology coming from someone who is nearly crying they're laughing so hard is truly insincere, so I'm not sure she ever knew how grateful I was. The Handsomest Man Alive missed the whole umbrella death match and nothing seemed amiss to him when he joined me in line. Until the people behind us put up their umbrella and more wrestling took place -- which caused me to break into uncontrollable laughter -- again. I don't think they thought much of me either.

After a brief wait in line, we were able to get tickets to KA -- the Cirque du Soleil show at the MGM. It was my second Cirque du Soleil show and I have to say, there is nothing better. It was everything you could want in a Vegas show -- heart-stopping and amazing! I can't imagine doing that for a living.

But it seems like every Vegas weekend is over so quickly and it's back to work just as if I never left. I'd like to get in touch with the guy who thought of the five-day work week. There's got to be a better way.

Today's photograph is part of a "Fallen Princess" series created by an artist. Learn more about it here.