Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's A Julia Kind Of Day

This is not going to be a very good day for me. I've got a bad cold and a few other things wrong with me -- some things could be more dire than others. I was feeling sorry for myself until I saw this little video of my hero, Julia Child, with David Letterman. She's adorable. Funny and flirty -- without a care in the world when things don't go her way. She amazes me. Her career as Julia Child didn't even start until after she was 50. Can you believe that? She's the ultimate "Cinderella after midnight." I used to go to a gynecologist that had a poster with a cat hanging by it's nails with the slogan, "hang in there, baby" above the stirrups. It never struck me as funny as it was supposed to be. It's all in the timing.

Monday, September 10, 2012

This Was Always The Plan

My mom and I have known something about autumn in Leelanau for many years. On her birthday, in late September, the color of the trees hasn't yet reached its peak. On my birthday, in late October, the color is past its prime. And the air takes on the distinct chill of the snow that is soon to come. So when is the best time to be in Leelanau to celebrate the colors of the season? Early October, of course. So that's when we'll all be there.