Saturday, November 15, 2008


Cinderella is under the weather and the rats have taken over the castle. Unfortunately, they don't know how to blog...I will be back online as soon as I'm feeling a little better.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • Boxers, Silks Or Briefs...Maureen Dowd hits the target.

  • Hold the popcorn. I can hardly afford the ticket and the parking. Hey! Can I get the senior discount? I still have my student ID...yes, it has been twenty years...

  • Feeling a little blue? It's time for Puppy Cam. No seriously, you thought that Facebook was taking up all your time. I dare you to look away when these little guys start to squirm. And yes, you can watch in full screen.

Free TV Show from Ustream

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cinderella Loves A Man In Uniform

Thank you for all you do!

Daily Hot Flash

  • I love chocolate...I'm just not sure I love chocolate that someone has worn all that much!
  • Don't forget to stop into your local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf today for yer FREE holiday beverage today! You'll be humming "Fa-la-la-la-lah!" for the rest of the day.
  • Oopsy Daisy! This is why I've never wanted to take the helm of an ocean-going vessel. I've never managed to master the art of a three-point turn (mine are in double digits) in a Civic for heaven's sake.
  • I can't believe that the Beaver's older brother is an artist worthy of the Louvre. It seems crazy, doesn't it? Just yesterday morning I was watching an episode where his parents were worried that he was getting too serious with a girl.
  • Visit glamorous locations where James Bond movies where filmed. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most of the chicks I know believe wherever Daniel Craig is at any given time is the most desirable place to be.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • It's the most wonderful time of the year...when you read this, think of it as sung by Andy Williams. Branson, Missouri is so lucky to have him year-round. His Christmas album is a classic. I have to force myself every year to wait until after Halloween to listen to it. I love the holiday season. I spent the weekend looking at festive holiday decorations to cover my windows and tabletop. Of course I didn't buy anything because things are so tight this year. I think everyone is feeling a little pinch in the pocketbook. I thought this might help with some ideas to keep your Christmas shopping on budget.
  • Two really cool things are happening for web surfers -- One is that the Obama Administration is going to continue to use the web to directly communicate with the American population. The other is that MGM is going to start posting full films on YouTube. Both moves are incredibly forward-thinking and will reward those of us how are frequent internet users.
  • An intriguing article about Malcom Gladwell. He's the writer who brought us both the Tipping Point and Blink. I consider both books to be MUST READS in order to understand the current economic climate and digital media explosion. Gladwell is a little strange, yet he covers some really relevant topics.
  • You've heard of Cat-in-the Hat...Here's the Cat-in-the Box. It's Maru, who never met a box he didn't want to attack. Apparently he's huge in Japan. Here's his blog. I can't read Japanese (in fact, my computer doesn't register all the characters) but his photos are cute.