Friday, March 29, 2013

I Think She's Hanff-ish

And I mean that as a compliment. When I saw the woman that Amy Poehler was a sit-com writer, I was thrilled. That's what I wanted to be when I grew up -- I just missed by a little. And by that I mean a mile or two. Irma acts how I've always thought that my hero, Helene Hanff would act like -- if I had ever met her. Helene is my favorite writer ever. And I think Irma sounds like what I imagined Helene would sound like. She even looks like her. And afte watching this interview, she's my hero as well. And did I mention I love Amy Poehler? She rocks. Go sister!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Age Of Diana

This is a photo of Lisa Vanderpump at her wedding in 1982. She's one of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Or so I am told. I can't bring myself to watch those kind of reality shows. I have real problems in my real life that I'm dealing with -- I don't want to watch scripted problems be over-dramatized in someone's (well-compensated) fake life. 

I am fascinated with weddings. I love looking at photos of weddings. I love seeing all of the small tidbits that each bride picked out to wear and to decorate their wedding venue. I've never seen one that wasn't beautiful. And you have to admit, this photo is gorgeous. The horses. The guy in tails and top hat. It's all so very elegant and delicious. It's just exactly how I remember Princess Diana's wedding. When Diana was planning her wedding, she went over the top. And then all of the rest of us did too. We fell in love with the puff-shouldered dress. Even those of us who looked like linebackers in puff shoulder dresses wore them for special moments because we wanted to feel like a princess. 

And so I am grateful for several things. First, that I didn't get married in 1982 because I wouldn't have been very selective about the man I married when I was so young. And second, because I would've married in a dress that would've been a (much) cheaper model of the one shown above because I would've wanted to look like Diana on my wedding day. I'm glad I didn't marry until after Kate planned her wedding to William. Kate is a commoner who understands refined understatement. It probably doesn't hurt that her family got rich being party planners either. So when she planned her wedding, she decorated Westminster Abbey with trees and walked down the aisle in a simple lace dress. She saved me from being a puffy sleeved disaster.