Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Antiques Roadshow Jackpot

Starting to wonder if my mom has some rhino cups hidden in her garage. I'm guessing not. But if you think your mom might have some -- start looking now.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Joey, The Counter Assistant

Every morning when I get out of the shower, Joey, the little lovebug cat is sprawled across the bathroom counter waiting for me. He knows that the next step in my morning routine is to apply a half dozen bottles of lotions, creams and potions to my face and body in order to make myself somewhat presentable when I go out in public. While I'm busy attending to my personal hygiene, Joey monitors my activity and seems to be approving each step as he's purring loud enough to be heard by passers-by out on the street. If I didn't have to hit freeway within the hour, I'd call it my favorite time of the day. Joey almost makes me hum "Hi, ho, hi ho" while I'm getting ready for work. His love for the bathroom counter and being involved in the activity reminded me of one of my favorite James Herriot cat stories. I can't remember which one of the "All Creatures Great & Small" books this story was in, but I know it was in his book of favorite cat stories. It was about Alfred, the sweet shop cat, who helped his person sell chocolates and sweets to people. Alfred believed his job was very important and held himself in a manner most dignified while at his post in the sweet shop until a mysterious illness made him experience an abnormal weight loss. Fortunately, his vet was able to put him right and he went back to work. The story got me to thinking…maybe we need to get Joey a job. Does anyone know if See's Candies is hiring? Can you imagine? Chocolate and Joey love – I'd never leave. That's two of my favorite things.