Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Tale Of Two Bathrooms

I try really hard to stay organized. I have a vivid imagination that makes me a bit scatterbrained and that tends to leak over into my real life. So I have to try a little harder. I keep all my clothes organized by type and use. I have all my skirts together, all my slacks together and I have bins for my jeans and a big bin for my play clothes.  It works pretty well.

And then there's the bathroom…

I've tried really hard to be organized in the bathroom. I went out and I bought bins and storage containers that fit on either side of the plumbing under the sink. I keep all my medical supplies, pills, contact lens solution, feminine products on the left. On the right I keep all of my beauty supplies. You'll notice there's not as much stuff on the right as the left. Hah!

The problem area in my bathroom is the countertop. I use the bathroom three times every day. At 5:00am when I grope around in the dark to take my medicine and put in my contacts. At 9:00am when I get ready for work. And again at 9:00pm when I get ready for bed. The result is that I end up with stuff spread out all over the counter – because I'm in too much of a hurry to organize. So everyday I come home to the counter top looking like this -- and I have to put everything back into it's proper place. That's my best tip. Make sure you have a proper place for your products and put them away right after you use them. I found this post on the BlogHer website about organizing a bathroom to be very helpful.  What is your best tip for keeping the counter top in your bathroom free from clutter? Tell BlogHer your best idea to keep a bathroom organized and clutter-free and you could win $250. Find out more on