Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Favorite Tool

Seven years ago I was working for a magazine and I was on the early shift. I had to be in the office at seven in the morning, so I always had bad hair. Big bad frizzy hair. One of the editors suggested I try a flat iron. So on the way home one afternoon, I went to CVS and picked one up for $20. It helped. A little, but not a lot. I have a lot of hair. My parents both had curly hair. I have curly hair underneath and straight hair on top. So it always looks fluffy. But not in a good way. In a fluffy sheep dog kind of way.
I always feel like a princess when I get my hair done and the stylist makes my hair straight with her super duper expensive flat iron. For two days (if I push it) I look marvelous. And then it’s back to Fluffy the dog. And so that’s why after my last hair cut and color, I drove directly from the salon to the beauty supply and put down an ungodly sum of money for a serious flat iron.
It’s a life changer. Seriously. Finally in middle age, I have one or two days a week when I have really good hair. My BFF has taken to calling me “Flatso.” I don’t mind. And to be honest, I haven’t told her yet why suddenly my hair looks so good. (As if she hasn’t guessed.) But my new beauty secret is my flat iron. I learned a valuable lesson, when it comes to hair tools – go straight to the top!