Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've Got The LA Laundromat Blues

I've been struggling with the blues. I mean the serious blues. The lowdown, ain't no cure for it in sight, blues. I saw a video on TMZ.com a few weeks ago of Eric Clapton at a laundromat in Los Angeles. When the paparazzi called him out, he didn't say a word. He just stared. He looked so incredibly shocked and horrified that he'd been found. In a dirty little laundromat. In somewhere not-so-nice in Los Angeles. Alone. Folding his jeans, t-shirts and dainties. And I thought to myself, I've never seen a guy who sings the blues look so sad. It just wasn't right. The man's rock n' roll royalty and he's doing his dirty laundry in public. Literally. There has to be something seriously wrong...And so to shake myself out of my mood of doom and gloom I've employed several methods. One was to watch the video above. I mean, have you ever? The other is to surf some film websites for info about what's in production that might bring a smile to my face. I found this tasty little morsel about Jen Garner playing the young spinster version of my beloved Miss Marple. I'm feeling just a little better. Except now I'm wishing Emma Thompson was playing young-ish Miss Marple, and Jen Garner was playing an older Nancy Drew instead. Am I asking too much? Thought so.