Saturday, May 14, 2011

All I Need Is A Bell & A Basket

I bought a bike. It's purple and silver and has seven gears. I haven't been this excited about non-motorized equipment since I was in fifth grade. It just so happens that we live near some serious bike trails. Santa Clarita has 26 miles of bike trails -- most of which are completely intersection-free -- so you don't have to worry about cars. And while I've been out walking on the trails, I've seen people go buy on bikes. And I've thought, "Gee, that looks like fun." And I could cover a lot more territory. My walks are all HGTV-motivated. I go out to look at the neighbors' decorating and landscaping. So on Saturday, the HMA took me to Target where I made my selection. Of course, when I got to the store, I was wearing a dress. So I had to invest in an $8 pair of leggings to wear on my trip home. I bought a helmet and a bike pump too. After a couple of practice laps in the Target parking lot, I set out. (It's probably only four or five miles.) I made it right up to the top of the hill into the front of our subdivision before I tipped over. I hadn't had lunch and I was a little woozy. I called the HMA for a rescue. He came out and walked me and the bike 100-feet back to the house where he gave me an orange popsicle. What else do you give a middle-aged woman with low blood sugar who's behaving like she's in junior high?

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Sooper Sekrit Passion

I have a passion that I don't tell many people about. There are two reasons: one is that it is really silly. The other is that it isn't very politically correct or environmental. And since I grew up in one of the most beautiful spots that God created on earth, I always like to think that I put the environment first. And I do, except when it comes to paper napkins. That's it. That is my passion. I love paper napkins. There I said it. And I don't hear any sirens in the area...yet. I love festive napkins for every day of the year. Yes, most days I use half a paper towel for a dinner napkin, but as far as I'm concerned, I can't think of a more festive way to kick off a holiday than to break out the paper napkins. (My favorite brand is Caspari. They're the best! Caspari is  to napkins what Christian Louboutin is to shoes.) I love paper napkins for holidays -- but they can make any day more special. For Easter this year, the HMA and I drove out to Ojai and took a walk down the arcade. It was a little cool and overcast, but it was still a nice day in Ojai. We walked through a home decor store that has always caught my eye for having the most elegant paper napkins. And on this trip, their stock didn't disappoint. I found gorgeous gold embossed peacock napkins. Oh so elegant! And to go with them -- a gorgeous dark brass paper napkin tray. Are you kidding me? It just doesn't get any better for a paper napkin addict. Gorgeous napkins and a beautiful way to dispense and display them. I was thrilled when the HMA bought them for me as my Easter treat. It just doesn't get any better. Eat your heart out Mr. Louboutin!