Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Original Crazy Cat Lady

Thank God there are people like this in the world who are willing to help the strays. My little Roxy looks just like the one that pops out of that cardboard box.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WTNW Dude In My Neighborhood

It's one of my favorite shows on television. And why wouldn't it be? Every week a woman with no sense of style and bad hair is whisked away to New York City where two style gurus take her clothes shopping, take her to see a top hair care professional, and give her a make-up makeover. And voila! The diamond in the rough is polished into a thing of beauty. "What Not To Wear" has all the elements that would appeal to any Cinderella. I DVR the shows every week, hoping that I'll get a clue about why I'm always such a fashion disaster – and I must say I've gotten a lot of tips from the show. I originally fell in love with the shows on BBC America. The hosts were two crazy women who would accost women in public and redo their wardrobes with style and a lot of sass. They were hilarious. I even wrote a fan letter to the BBC to tell them how much I enjoyed the show. I've written very few fan letters in my life – one to Joan Fontaine and one to the makers of ICE soda – are the only two I can remember ever. The US version of the show isn't as much fun. The hosts aren't as colorful, except for the hair stylist. He managed to create drama every week by always wanting to cut the hair off of women with long scraggily hair. And while the women cry and squirm – he usually makes them look better than when they walked in – much to their chagrin. So I was delighted when I was invited to a salon nearby to meet with Nick Arrojo along with a room filled with other SCV bloggers. He's no longer on the show – says he was unceremoniously fired. And it's too bad – the hair stylist they have on the show now is unremarkable. But it was great fun to meet Nick and all of the other women who are writing and posting stuff about their lives in Southern California.