Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chew Me Up Buttercup, Baby!

Meet Millie the turtle. She's out in the backyard enjoying the first blooms of spring as only a little turtle girl could. She reminds me very much of what I must've looked like devouring a plate of angel hair pasta Pomodoro last night. Go, girl!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No Tickling During Naptime

I've been kind of busy lately. I've been trying to catch up at work -- and only seem to be more behind. And at home there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to pick up and clean up. I've been trying to get organized -- but that ends up looking like making piles. I have piles of things I need to tend to spread out all over. Piles and piles. It's frustrating. So I surf the 'net to avoid dealing with the piles.

People seem to be very upset over the whole cougar thing. Not the predatory wild animals -- the predatory wild women. Everyone has an opinion and a judgement to issue. I say -- go for it, sistah! It's not the way I like to party, but I wouldn't want to slow down anyone who did enjoy the company of much younger men.  The most recent ploy to prevent older women from being seduced by young handsome men is to tell them if they do, they will die young. And I would like to add...they'll die with smiles on their faces -- so what?

And in no particular order, I thought this People magazine article was interesting (but contained a bit too much personal information) and this New York Times wedding story was fun -- The writer added the favorite coffee drink of each invited guest after their name. The writing seemed to match the whimsy of the wedding.

[Eds. Note] A couple of late additions. An article about all the fabulous clothes that no one could ever afford that the girls of SATC will be wearing in the new movie. And I'm a horrible person, because I couldn't stop laughing after watching this video.