Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like These

Do you remember when your mom told you to do good at school and keep your legs crossed and all of your dreams will come true?

Okay. So maybe those weren't the exact words your mom used, but I was told that good things only come to good girls. And I believed it. 

And I waited, and waited, and waited for my dreams to come true. Now and then I got tired of waiting and I went to the dark side and did some things that I'd rather forget in order to take a short cut to my goal of happily ever after.

And just so we are clear, I know now there are no short cuts to happily ever after.

But over the last few years, it does seem like the bad girls were winning. And why shouldn't they? Not only are they crossing the finish line on the road to happily ever after before you, they're having way more fun than you are on the journey.

There's really no stigma to being a bad girl anymore. And maybe that's a good thing.

For heaven's sake, Kim Kardashian made a sex tape and the next thing you know she's having one (no, make that two) multi-million dollar weddings at castles overlooking the sea. And it turns out Hollywood actresses aren't reading books or studying algebra in their free time. No. They're taking nude selfies. How do I know, their nudies keep getting leaked onto the internet. We've all seen them. And it turns out this kind of invasion of privacy doesn't ruin their makes them more famous and gets them more jobs and magazine covers.

Fame and fortune have been replaced by Infamy and Internet.

And then along comes Amal Alamuddin. An international human rights attorney who is licensed to practice law in two different countries -- London and New York City. She speaks eight languages. Wears designer clothes. Listens to music on her iPhone. And didn't succomb to the allure of a "starter marriage" in her twenties because she was holding out for Mr. Perfect.

And along comes Mr. Perfect. George Clooney...(sigh) They don't make 'em any more perfect. I know this to be true because I've studied his photos very, very closely.  He's also witty, bright, politically savvy, and a classic Hollywood hunk.

George Clooney has been at the top of my list FOR-EVAH. I think he's the bees' knees.  And over the weekend when he and Amal got married, I was nothing less than  over the moon.

I think this headline got it right: Internationally Accalimed Barrister Marries Actor

Seriously. George is lucky to have her. It's exactly as my mom always told me. Keep your nose in your books and your legs crossed and Prince Charming will find you.

Finally, the good girl wins the heart of the handsome movie star. And the bad girl...she ended up with Kanye West. Good luck with that...

Let this be a lesson to all girls who are still waiting for their happily ever after.