Thursday, April 29, 2010

Allright! This chick is toast!

You remember in Ghostbusters when the Ecto Containment they had in the basement of the old firehouse got shutdown by the city and all the spooks and spirits they had trapped were released to wreak havoc in the city? That's right -- it's the part just before Gozer appears in the form of a giant Stay-Puft marshmallow man to destroy the city. I love that movie....but I digress. The thing is that my DVR is about to explode just like that Ecto Containment system. It's been warning me for days that it is 98% full -- and I've ignored it and gone about my business and I know stuff I taped a year ago is being taped over. But tonight is the night -- I've got to catch up on some television viewing. There's been so much going on. And how's a girl supposed to get read to go to Hawaii when there's American Idol and Top Chef Masters to watch. And just when I think that everything is fine and I'll be able to catch up -- I realize that my beloved Red Wings are playing the first game of the Stanley Cup semi-finals in San Jose tonight. I can't not watch! My poor little wings got into trouble for just flying into town. They need all the help they can get.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Thing With The Feathers And The Stick

How's your day goin'? Mine too. The June gloom has started in April. I woke up to a thick fog over the swimming pool and it only got thicker and more pea soup-like as I drove into Burbank. I must say the gloomy day matches my spirits. That is why it gives me great pleasure to tell you a story about Roxy...

Last night the Handsomest Man Alive and I ran errands after I got home from work. We found ourselves at Target after 9:00pm buying milk. Of course as anyone who's ever gone into Target to buy one item will tell you -- it doesn't work, you always end up spending $150. We were both so punchy and tired. I saw the HMA buying a box of Junior Mints ('They're on sale! 67 cents a box. I can't pass them up.') and some double chocolate Milano cookies. I tossed an InStyle magazine in my basket, and then I couldn't resist buying a little gift for the cat who was waiting patiently at home for us to return.

I find it absolutely hilarious that dog toys are toys -- balls, squeekies, pull toys -- and cat toys are torture devices. I bought Roxy a stick with feathers and a bell attached. She couldn't be more delighted. I never even cracked the magazine, it was too much fun to watch her with her toy. There are feathers everywhere. I heard the bell in my sleep. And when I got up this morning there she was -- ready to go find out if her new stick was still in the house -- and much to her delight -- it was. She could barely finish her breakfast because her new stick was waiting for her on the living room floor. I can't remember when I felt such passion and delight -- except, of course, watching her roll around on the living room rug with her new stick. It really is the little things that matter most.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bring it on, Betty!

On May 8 Betty White will host a pre-Mother's Day Saturday Night Live episode. Finally. The drive to bring the comedienne to the late night comedy festival began on Facebook. Up next, the campaign to bring Carol Burnett, Cloris Leachman...and an assortment of other funny babes to the hostess gig on SNL. You know why? Cuz older chicks are funny and cool!