Monday, August 3, 2009

Call Me Master of the Obvious

My life is pretty much dominated by three pounds of cat fur right now. I wake up when the fur says I should...else I'm bitten. I put the food in the dish when the fur tells me I should...else I'm bitten. I throw the ball when the fur says I should...else I'm bitten. I sneak around and do household tasks that don't pertain to the fur when it's asleep. It doesn't really matter, because I'm bitten no matter what.

Fortunately, the fur is very cute. And I'm relieved to know that there are other people who are also playing indentured servant to their cats. In fact, the
vast majority of cat people are well-trained by their pets.

And for all those people who told me that there's porn on the internet and I didn't believe's a little something-something. Yes, there may be porn out there somewhere, but most of us come here
looking for kittens.