Thursday, July 7, 2011

If This Is A Book Club, Where’s The Wine?

I've been wanting to join a book club for some time now. I have a romantic view of a book club – a bunch of women sitting around with big balloon glasses full of red wine.
In my fantasies, the book club would look just like the scene in “It’s Complicated” when Meryl Streep tells her friends she’s having an affair with her ex-husband – all carefully art-directed with all members dressed in earth tones and a big wooden coffee table groaning under the weight of freshly baked goodies and quiche at the center of a big cream colored sectional sofa. Oh! And there should be quiche. There always needs to be quiche. So while I’m waiting for Meryl Streep to process my application for her book club, I am still in search of a real book club with real women who say real and funny things. That’s why I jumped at the chance to join a reading program through BlogHer that allows members to read a book and then post their review on the BlogHer website. It’s great fun. I’ve read some good books and some not-so-hot books. I’ve also discovered that there are people who are much funnier than I am when writing reviews. The only thing missing from the BlogHer Book Club is some pastries and a big glass of red wine. And maybe Meryl Streep…ya never know!

Psst...Tonight, There's Gonna Be A Jail Break