Friday, June 26, 2009

That's right, you can call me Cougarella...

About a month ago I started receiving email advertisements in my inbox for a local Santa Clarita watering hole that has a reputation as a 'cougar' hangout. For those of you who aren't up on the hippest lingo (and since I'm using the word 'lingo' I totally resemble that remark), a 'cougar' is a middle-aged woman who spends her days (and nights) in pursuit of hot young men. For centuries, men have been chasing women half their age, and we never gave them a predatory name. But when women start thinking what's good for the gander is good for the goose...that's when the name-calling and finger-pointing begins.

I'd like to know how I got on the list of Santa Clarita cougars. Am I being discriminated against because of my age? And more importantly, should I be thrilled or devastated that I'm being included in that particular group. Yes, I have on occasion had impure thoughts about Justin Timberlake, but I don't remember sharing that with anyone. Oops! There goes that theory.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

High Kick For The Sidekick!

If my life were a movie it would be a romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock, and I would be the sidekick. It's an honorable profession and those that do it well, like Ed McMahon, make the star of the show shine. We lost one of the best sidekicks ever today. I know Ed was the host of 'Star Search' but I think of him best as Johnny Carson's sidekick. Ed's in Heaven now, reunited with Johnny and making all of his jokes seem funnier with his uncontrollable giggle. Godspeed, old friend.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Classic By Any Other Name...

I caught the last half-hour of one of my all-time favorite films on Saturday night. Random Harvest stars Greer Garson and the dashing Ronald Coleman. I believe the word dashing was invented just for Mr. Coleman who was kind of like the George Clooney of his day. And the beautiful Greer Garson who wasn't shown to her full potential in a black & white film because of her gorgeous mane of red hair.
If you haven't seen Random Harvest, you're missing a rare treat to enjoy a classic women's film of the 1940s. Get your hankies out, because this one is a delight based on amnesia, mistaken identity and true love. Oh yes, it's cheesy like Velveeta, but every once in awhile, who doesn't need a little processed cheese in their diet. It's good for the soul.