Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm Going Vay-Kay!

I'm off on a long-anticipated tropical island vacation. No. Seriously. The Handsomest Man Alive has booked a trip to an exotic location. I got an email itinerary in the mail this morning. The re: line was 'You're Getting Lei'ed.' So it must be true. I haven't been on a true vacation since I was in fifth grade and my grandparents took me to Walt Disney World for a week. My grandpa (who I always called "Bill") and I ate chocolate every morning after breakfast. And we hit the popcorn wagon as soon as we arrived at the park every morning. My grandma let me pick out all the rides we went on. The only thing missing from the trip was my folks. That happens whenever I travel -- I get exited about seeing new things -- but I want all my loved ones to be there to enjoy it too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Foggy Day In London Town

I woke up a little early this morning because I was worried about a work project. Lately, instead of listening to the morning news, I've been flipping over to TCM to see if there's anything intriguing on. And when I say intriguing, I mean something from the 30's or 40's with a little song and dance. I was pleasantly rewarded this morning to find A Royal Wedding just starting...I played along. There are a number of fabulous Fred Astaire dance sequences in that film. He dances up the walls and with coat racks. In a word, I would call Astaire smooth. He just moves...and there's music.

In other news from the homefront...Roxy is eating bugs. Don't ask me where she's finding them. I obviously need to vacuum more frequently. I can't get her to stop. In fact, I think my screaming at her when she's chasing insects is making her more interested in bug hunting. The vet says I need to change her diet now that she's about to turn one year-old. (Her approximated birthday is May 1.) She needs to give up the kitten chow for adult cat food, but she has yet to find one that she finds tasty. For a bug-eating cat, she can be very finicky when it comes to what she finds in the bottom of her food dish. I'm wondering if the PetSmart carries insect-flavored 'Purina Cat Chow.'