Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Half-Crazy All For The Love Of You!

Last summer I found myself helping to find a home for an adorable chocolate lab puppy. Her parents loved her, but they couldn't keep her. It was heart-breaking. I contacted my friend, Suzanne, who as the daughter of a veterinarian, I knew was genetically engineered to love animals. I thought she might know of some animal rescue organizations that might help me. I didn't know at the time that Suzanne had been sending photos of chocolate labs to her husband in an effort to soften him up to get a puppy. When we took Daisy over to Suzanne and Jeff's house for an informal get-to-know-you tea party, Suzanne greeted me at the door, "we want her." I think Suzanne loved Daisy before she met her. Daisy fell into a tub of butter when she went to live with Suzanne and Jeff. They call her their 'chocolate bunny' and while they might both deny it -- I'm certain that she has her own pillow on the bed. It might even be monogrammed. Now I'm blessed to get stories about Daisy complete with photos in my email box from time to time....from Daisy's first birthday party to Daisy's first swim in the pool. Daisy is living the good life. Unfortunately, not all puppies are as in order to help other dogs that need to find cozy homes with loving parents, Daisy is taking Suzanne for a walk this Sunday, October 19.


All that matters in the world.

Daily Hot Flash

  • I'm speechless. Sarah Palin is charging the 'liberal media' $15 million for a peak at her emails. You can see all of mine for a dollar...
  • I don't care if they repeatedly use the word 'sentimental' in the review. I read the book and I want to see the movie!
  • I was born a Detroit Tigers fan. I have added being a fan of the Boston Red Sox over the last few years. If you watched last night's game, you'd quickly understand why anyone would want to cheer for those guys. (In the interest of full disclosure, I am still recovering from severe sleep deprivation and was napping on the sofa during the game. I did see all the good parts in replay after being woken up by the jubilant shrieks and jumping up and down by the Handsomest Man Alive.) It amazes me that any team would still believe in themselves enough to battle back from being behind win the game. Can you believe it? It is incredibly inspiring. Game Six on Saturday. Be there or be square.
  • Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are selling their Beverly Hills mansion. (Click on the thumbnail photos for larger views.) Wouldn't you just love, love, love to have breakfast in that kitchen and go for a dip in the pool? Ok, fantasy time my mother always says, "Yes, it's a beautiful house...but who wants to clean all of that?"
  • People in L.A. like to think of themselves as trendsetters. They do hot yoga in Brentwood, naked yoga in West Hollywood. And now...Laughter've got to be joking!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • I've had a rough week. A really, really rough and very sleep-deprived week. To comfort me, Betty sent me a link to this movie of my beloved home in Leelanau County, Michigan. It was made in 1949. I find nostalgic glimpses of the past to be almost as comforting as tuna noodle casseroles with potato chip crusts. Leelanau is my favorite place on earth...and this is my favorite time of year there. I miss it very much. Take a peek and you may fall in love too. Here's what I suggest...wander on down to your company's break room and put some popcorn in the microwave, and then hurry back to your cubicle and dim lights. You may also need some Junior Mints if your vending machine's got 'em. And then, lean back in your painful little office chair and enjoy MGM's "Roaming Through Michigan." Tell your boss that it's the best use of your time...because it is!

  • One of the best things about the internet is that so many people seem to put their creative genius to work for no good purpose. With all credit to my dearest Javier, this is one of my most recent favorites. Don't stop moving around the Oval Office until you kill the deer.

  • Did you know that your sign determines how your career will go? Yes, well I'm almost willing to believe anything these days.

  • And finally... because we all need to believe that good triumphs over evil....that brighter days are ahead...that the Red Sox can beat the Devil Rays and get to the World's a story from a small town in Texas that will make you believe again that the world has not completely gone haywire and there are places where beauty is still measured by what you look like on the inside. And the other lesson in this story is that when you're given a tiara -- it is best to never to take it off. How else will the world know that you're the Queen?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cinderella's Castle Is On Fire

Okay, so the castle isn't in any danger. But when there are wildfires in Southern California that means that Cinderella is locked into the dungeon for 16-18 hours a day keeping the locals up-to-date on evacuations, road closures and scorched earth. I hope you and yours are well. Cinderella will be back when the firestorm is over...