Friday, January 9, 2009

Luck Be A Lady Tonight

Rumor has it that the company I work for will be laying off approximately 1,000 employees on Monday. I believe I have a 50-50 chance of keeping my job. The report on the escalating unemployment rate in the United States this morning scared me to death...but I'm going to attempt to remain positive. It's tough. The minute that they tell you that your job may be in jeopardy, your skill set suddenly seems very small. I can write headlines and update a news website, but can I serve up a spicy bean burrito at the Drive-thru window? In the mean time...I'm going to focus on all the fun stuff that's happening right now.

Sunday is the Golden Globes awards. They mean nothing...the show does act as an unofficial kick-off to the award season...and I think it's great fun to see all the movie stars dressed up in gorgeous gowns to do the red carpet walk. And since they serve alcohol...the acceptance speeches can get outrageous. Good times!

Is it me or does the computer-enhanced image of what Barack Obama will look like at the end of two terms as President of the United States look a bit like George W. Bush? Scary, isn't it?

Check out this grand old dame of a distant here.

Oh and CNN put together a list of companies that will be hiring in 2009. Just in case!

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Elizabeth said...

I love watching the red carpet, and the GG is the only show I watch start to finish, just because it's so informal. Visiting via Blogher ads.