Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have always loved Valentine's Day. When I was little, it was a family day. Mom would buy my Dad a couple of car magazines and a bag of his favorite candy orange slices. And there would always be a little heart-shaped box of chocolates next to my place at the dinner table. I've heard more than one person over the last week complain bitterly about Valentine's Day being a commercially-manufactured holiday...and I've heard more than one woman talk about it as if it were a national day of mourning because they didn't have a sweetheart. I think both complaints may have some merit, but it brightened my spirits tremendously yesterday when I saw a woman struggling to get on the train with a bouquet of red roses that was almost twice as big as she was. And I may be completely crazy (no comments, please! You know who you are.) but isn't it nice to have one day in a year set aside to remember that along with everything else that is going on in the world, there are kittens, baby animals and rainbows too. I think that's reason enough to celebrate.

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David said...

What a great memory. My mom did the same thing for us. We're keeping the tradition going with my niece and nephew. Valentines Day is about love - not 'romantic love' or 'married love' or 'couple love'