Thursday, March 5, 2009

All Up In Arms

Have you seen the commentary? Have you taken the on-line poll? Oh, yes. It’s the latest scandal rocking Washington DC. No, I’m not talking about the Rush Limbaugh vs. Barack Obama smackdown that seems to be building to an inevitable anti-climax. I’m talking about something way more important. I’m talking about Michelle Obama’s arms.

That’s right, the young vibrant First Lady of the United States appeared at her husband’s first ever speech to a joint session of Congress looking simply stunning in a sleeveless Amethyst dress, and all eyes were on her. How dare she reveal so much skin? And in February? For Heaven’s sake, what is she thinking? Did they think she pulled on a pair of Carharts and boots and hiked over snow drifts from the White House to the Capitol. The woman is the First Lady. She was driven there in the comfort of the finest and most lethal moving vehicle ever made, and I’m sure as the First Lady she was probably allowed to use the Congressional cloak room to leave her wrap.

So why are we talking about Michelle Obama’s arms?

I have to admit, I was really impressed with her husband’s presentation, but she looked marvelous. She and POTUS work out every day. She earned those guns she’s carrying and I think she should get to show them off to her best advantage. Besides every Cinderella over 40 learns to show off their best assest and camoflauge their liabilities. I’m just saying Michelle Obama is very light on liabilities – and that’s probably what’s making everyone’s tongue wag…but I’ll put money on the fact that they’re probably all talking about her while doing curls with 10 pound weights. I know, I am.

Read what they’re saying about Michelle Obama’s arms here. And learn more about the history of fashion forward First Ladies. And check out Michelle Obama’s spread in Vogue magazine. And the photos…

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