Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Kitten Formerly Known As NNY...

I haven't written in awhile. It's because I've adopted a kitten and found out that's a full-time job. She was a little stray who wandered into a farmyard outside of Paso Robles. A friend of mine contacted me to say that a friend of hers was looking to place a boy kitten in a good home. It took me a couple of days, and a trip to the animal shelter (which is not for the faint-of-heart), for me to make the decision. I was going to adopt the little boy kitten and name him Oliver.

Oliver made the two and a half hour car ride the next day on the lap of his Paso Robles family. They adored him and would have kept him if they had more of a stay-at-home lifestyle. His first mother left him with a homemade cat toy that he still loves. Two days later, we took him to the vet and found out that he was a she. That's when I realized we couldn't call her Oliver any more. The vet's assistant changed the label on her chart from Oliver to NNY (No Name Yet) and sent me home with a kit for collecting a stool sample.

At first I was very disappointed that I was the mom of another girl cat. I was broken hearted when Goldie was put to sleep. I didn't want the new cat to be anything like her. And after missing an entire night's sleep due to her little kitten antics, I worried that I wouldn't ever get attached to her.

I shouldn't have worried.

Each day is a holiday with this adorable kitten in the house. She gets up out of bed every day like it's Christmas morning and races out to the living room to play with her toys. Every new thing she discovers brings her joy. She is curious and fearless. She races to greet everyone who walks through her door as if she was greeting the Queen of England. She purrs more than not. She is a beautiful little tabby kitten who is going to grow up into a beautiful tabby cat.

This morning, the vet called with the results of her tests. She has a little parasite that will require treatment for the next 20 days. She was too excited over seeing her toys again this morning to eat her breakfast, and I worried that she was going downhill. Panic set in, and I realized that I had gotten very attached to her and couldn't let anything happen to her. What would I do? The Handsomest Man Alive to the rescue -- he visited her at lunch and found that she had finished her breakfast and was ready to play. She not only took her first dose of medication like a lady -- she licked the applicator afterward.

I still miss Goldie more than I ever thought possible, but I think I'm going to learn a lot from this little face. She turns medicine into joy. I wish I could do that more often in my own life.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to formally introduce you to...Roxy Elizabeth...Foxy Roxy who's got a lot of moxie.

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