Monday, September 14, 2009

Someone's In The Kitchen With Dinah

That would be Roxy. I think I should've named her Julia. She spent her weekend supervising my kitchen slavery. Actually, it wasn't slavery, so much. I was thrilled to be there. I downloaded Julia Child's recipe for boeuf bourguignon in her book Mastering The Art of French Cooking last week. After a thrilling visit to the butcher shop to purchase the meat, I spent the rest of Saturday shopping for a casserole to cook it in. I have always dreamed of owning a Le Creuset casserole dish, but judging the current prices, I don't think that's a dream that's going to come true in this lifetime. I'll get over it.
The Handsomest Man Alive and I went to a number of different stores and finally came home with a very suitable navy blue enamel casserole dish by Emeril. I began to brown the meat at 9:30p.m. Roxy spent most of her evening on the pass-through monitoring my progress. The Handsomest Man Alive could also be seen in and out of the kitchen throughout the evening. Things were finally coming together around 1:00am when we were running the gravy through a sieve and browning mushrooms and onions in two separate pans.
We were exhausted, but looking forward to a wonderful Sunday dinner -- when we suddenly realized we had double-booked Sunday dinner. We never even have plans for Sunday dinner -- and now here we were with two meals planned. Crazy! Fortunately, the lovely people we had been planning to break bread with were willing to drive out to the countryside and be human guinea pigs for my very first Julia Child-inspired creation. They even brought an expensive and tasy bottle of Central Coast wine to go with it. Yum! A good time was had by this cook. I'm going to assume everyone else had a good time too because there were no leftovers.

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