Monday, January 4, 2010

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

I am seriously under the weather. It started on New Year's Day. I thought I was hungover because I had imbided in a couple of glasses of champagne at midnight. And that's all it takes to push me over the limit -- a couple of glasses of bubbly and I'm done. Unfortunately, the headache I was blaming on a hangover never got better and it turned into congestion shortly thereafter. And then I got the cough. It's worst at night. Everyone knows that -- and then you've been up all night coughing so you feel like you're dying during the daylight hours. I went to the doctor yesterday. Just as I suspected, it's probably just something viral, but she gave me some stuff to help with the symptoms so I can make it through a day at work. Blech! Feh Ugh! My only consolation is that I'm not stepping outside into frigid weather. I found this viral video online -- and I think no one is as surprised that the ball went through the hoop as the guy who tossed it up there. Oh what a feeling!

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