Monday, April 5, 2010

In Your Easter Bonnet (Drama)

Several weeks ago, my mom sent me the BBC's new production of "Emma" on DVD. I'm usin the term 'new' sloppily as the production was broadcast in the UK last year and was featured on "Masterpiece Theatre" in the US over the winter. I put the DVD on the top of my 'to-be-watched' pile and went about my business.

Last week, I had some extra time off here and there because it was spring break, and I found myself curled up in front of the television watching this new version of "Emma." It is a four hour production (you'll need to set aside some time) and it did not disappoint. I happen to be a big fan of UK the so-called 'bonnet dramas.' I'm an even bigger fan of Jane Austen. I know what is going to happen in every scene -- and I delight in hearing how different actors and actresses deliver lines that I know by heart. And then there are those 'obligatory' Jane Austen scenes. Like the one at the end of  "Pride & Prejudice" when Elizabeth tells Mr. Darcy that she loves him. This version of "Emma" is filled with those scenes and is beautfully acted by a cast of Brits. You'll recognize lots of your favorite character actors running around in tail coats and mob caps.

I think the biggest surprise of this most recent BBC production of "Emma" was Jonny Lee Miller. Who I've known only up until now as the incredibly attractive man who was once married to Angelina Jolie. It is a testament to how good of an actor he is that it only took me half of the movie to stop saying to myself, 'there's mr. jolie,' when he appeared on the scene and start saying, 'look, there's that nice Mr. Knightly.' The title character was played by Romola Garai, who also starred in "I Capture The Castle" -- which I've never seen but is one of my favorite books. I know, I know -- I should set aside some time to catch up.  I am a fan of books and if I can recommend the best way to see "Emma" it's as a book.

While looking for the latest news about this production of "Emma," I also found this intriguing little bit about a new production of "My Fair Lady." And then there was this tasty bit about "The Wizard of Oz." Stuff that makes you say 'que'll intrigue!'

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Laurel Ann said...

Never too late to the party where Jane Austen is concerned. Glad you enjoyed it. This production had its quirks, but overall a great experience. It grew on me.