Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On The Sunnyside Up Side Of The Street

It's the day after the primary election here in California. I've been election central for the past 24 hours -- cranking election results out of my living room until after 11:00pm last night. Fortunately, I have two assests. One is a little feline named Roxy who loves to have her people gathered in the living room. She alternates her time between cavorting with her toys, and curling happily into a sleeping donut next to you on the sofa. There is nothing nicer than a sleeping cat. Last night we discovered she snores! My other asset is the Handsomest Man Alive. He enjoys my "work-from-home" election results coverage -- throwing himself into it by yelling numbers from the sofa and manning the controls of the television, flipping from channel to channel for the latest results. Good times.

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