Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just When I Needed A Little Christmas

There are two things I can count on during my morning commute: unbelievable traffic, and me beating my radio station pre-sets into submission. This morning I was given a little treat when a double axel truck full of Christmas trees from the North Pole (let me have this one, okay?) was stuck in the lane next to me. Visions of sugar plums immediately started dancing through my head and I reminded myself that I had already updated my Christmas music playlist on my iPod -- and am all set for the holidays. I know there are those among you who will cry about killing beautiful living trees for a commercial holiday. To those people I say, at least once a week I'm stuck in traffic next to a truck full of little piggies on a trip to be made into bacon. It's the ultimate upset for me -- I love bacon -- I just want to believe that it too comes from the North Pole.

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