Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's All So Veddy Veddy British

I've been caught up in my Kindle for weeks reading a book I can't put down. It's called "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand," and it's written by Helen Simonson. She's an English woman who lives in the US and decided she would write a book to please only herself -- and so she wrote a book about the England that she misses. It's a wonderful read. I was sorry when I finished. And since I've got four months to go until I get my fill of English pomp and circumstance at the next Royal Wedding, I had to turn to the television for my next fix of Anglophile-er-up. I can always count on Masterpiece Theatre -- and they've come through in a big way with "Downton Abbey." It's an upstairs/downstairs slice of life set in 1912 in an English country estate. Is there anything about that last sentence that doesn't make you want to know more? I know. It's unbelievably delicious. And did I mention Dame Maggie Smith is in the cast? She's a hoot. On a completely unrelated topic, I was searching today for an intriguing article to read during my lunch break and I found THIS I've always been fascinated with art forgery/theft. There's something inherently romantic about it.

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