Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Chick's Got Style

We're now within three weeks of the Royal Wedding. Can. Hardly. Wait! And finally the magazines are putting out the stories that I've been wanting to read ever since Wills & Kate announced the wedding. And I hope that for weeks after the wedding, there will be books and magazines devoted to what she wore, where she wore it and what's she doing now. When Diana got married, we didn't have the Internet and I had to wait for weeks for People magazine to publish a few photos here and there. Or I had to go to the bookstore where they had an extensive magazine rack in order to look over the photos in two-week old British magazines and newspapers. You can read about how Catherine Elizabeth (good middle name) Middleton is going to single-handedly save the Monarchy in Newsweek. And see photos from her childhood on Huffington Post.com. What I really want is an article about her hats...let me know if you find it first.

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