Thursday, September 8, 2011

Must Be How The Pioneers Did It

Up before dawn and out to do hard labor at the local Starbucks. Washing dishes by hand. Sweeping off the wooden (albeit laminate) floors. Staying up late organizing the walk-in closet. Bruised shoulders from stumbling  through narrow hallways clogged by boxes and boxes of stuff. (I'm thinking of filling out an application for the HMA to audition to be on an upcoming episode of "Hoarders." No. I'm not kidding. Seriously!) Moving is not easy, but it's living without television or the Internet that I find unbelievably difficult. I keep telling myself that this must be how the pioneers on the prairie did it, but I honestly don't know how Laura Ingalls Wilder survived. Not just without indoor plumbing. Let's not even GO there! I just can't. It's the simple things. I'm having Internet withdrawal. No wonder Laura became a successful author of a dozen books. There is nothing else to do! If I didn't have the distraction of the Internet and the television, I wonder where I'd be on my way to successful authorship...please don't say it and burst my bubble.

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