Monday, April 9, 2012

Azaila's Easter Cake

Well, I did it. 

I made the boiled white frosting from the Joy of Cooking and there's the bird's nest cake that my grandma used to make when I was little for Easter dinner. I wish my memory of those days was a little less hazy. It's definitely not improving with age. 

Easter in Michigan can be grey and dreary affairs. Easters in northern Michigan back then could almost be guaranteed to be snow-covered, or at the very least slushy with some cold winds coming out of Canada. There had to be some reason why most of my Easter memories involve being in the kitchen with my grandma. 

She and I made the boiled white frosting and the deviled eggs. She used to put everything but the kitchen sink into her deviled eggs. And she had this special tool for mashing up the yolks before you added the mayonnaise. You can imagine my surprise when I opened up my kitchen tool drawer and found the exact masher-up in my own drawer in California. 

The eggs turned out brilliantly, and I had more than my fair share. The cake turned out...and looked pretty good at first...and then it started to melt. I think I had under whipped the eggs. Didn't really matter, it tasted good. And that's what counts. Next year, maybe I'll try something else for dessert. Who knows? Maybe I should start a California tradition.

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