Friday, October 26, 2012

Have A Little Faith In Me

For my birthday, my BFF put a book on my Kindle called "Mr. Churchill's Secretary." She described it to me as "WW II Nancy Drew battles Nazis" -- so what's not to like? And I have to say so far, I am not disappointed. It is a delicious read. So delicious, in fact, that I got up before 6am this morning to feed the cats (what I like to call "doing the cat rodeo") make a cup of tea and return to be to indulge myself in another chapter. Of course, I am fascinated enough with the deliciousness of the book that I've been doing a little research about the author -- Susan Elia MacNeal -- who it turns out is a total smarty pants who has a wonderful literate education -- so it's no wonder that she's created such a delightful book. And a brief peek at her blog lead me to believe that she is a kindred spirit. Especially when it comes to matters most feline. No need to wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow morning before dawn. No calls please, I'm reading...

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