Wednesday, August 20, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

It's the end of summer and the news has been so dark recently. It's been hard to turn on the television. I am the kind of person who wakes up most days and looks forward to what the day might bring, but I have been feeling a little defeated.

And so it seems like the perfect time to make a list of all that's right in the world, all the things I love in the world, and all the little things that make my day bright.

1. Waking up next to the Handsomest Man Alive
2. Laughing together over the absolute nastiest joke I've ever heard. (No I won't repeat it. )
3. Hearing Joey chirping at the birds on the backyard feeder.
4. My big brown leather writing chair.
5. Watching Joey, Gracie, and Roxy sleep.
6. Sending texts to and from Sara.
7. Getting phone calls from my relatives to plan upcoming get togethers.
8. Knowing that candy corn season is right around the corner.
9. & chocolate chip cookies. Anytime. Any place. Anywhere.
10. Having a home-grown Caprese Salad for dinner.
11. Re-reading classic romance novels from my youth.
12. Looking forward to spending a week in my favorite place on earth.
13. Boxy, grey T-shirts. (A girl can never have too many.)
14. My lighted make-up mirror (Yes, I show some wear. But it could be worse. Way worse.)
15. Knowing my mom has a full and active social life.
16. Putzing around in the kitchen with a new recipe.
17. Hearing the kids outside playing after school.
18. Rocking out in my car to Pink.  Blow me (one last kiss)...
19. FB pics of my sorority sister's children at the same age when I met their parents.
20. Blue skies.

I challenge you to make a list as well of 20 things that make you thankful. It will make your life ever so much sweeter.

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