Wednesday, November 19, 2014

20 Things I Am Grateful For This Thanksgiving

1. My precious husband.
2. Being able to pursue my passion for writing
3. My mother's health.
4. Joey is alive and well and enjoying his low-carb, high-protein diet of unending Friskies.
5. It is the beginning of Academy Award movie season.
6. Friends I can count on to pick me up when I'm down and out.
7. Pansies in the garden. Their little "faces" always bring a smile to mine.
8. Sleepytime tea and Milano peppermint stick cookies.
9. A new outdoor ice skating rink with lights strung above it.  
10. An extended family far and wide to think about and worry about. 
11. NHL hockey is back and better than ever.
12. Christmas music on my iPod.
13. Colder weather.
14. Sharing the joy of seeing the world through children's eyes.
15. The "new house" smell of cleaning chemicals the housekeepers leave behind.
16. A fire in the fireplace and a candle on the hearth.
17. Time with the kids and the grand doggies.
18. Downloading new recipes for Thanksgiving sides.
19. Organizing the new closet for better use.
20. Hope for a better future.

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