Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

  • Brilliant! Let's postpone Caribou Barbie and Joe Biden's debate too...I hope John McCain realizes that a girl who went to six schools in five years is not going to get any smarter any time soon.

  • They're calling her a 'game changer.' I think she's more like 'the closer.' Rock on, Rachel

  • The Food Network's lovely semi-homemade Sandra Lee is getting her own magazine. This girl knows how to throw together a great meal without having to go all gourmet.

  • I would do anything for an afternoon of shopping in New York City with Tim Gunn. In my fantasy, we would go to some funky little women's clothing stores where he knows the designers. He would help me select a few key items for my wardrobe that would make me feel fantabulous every single day. After our fantasy shopping trip, we would have vanilla lattes and split a dessert at a cozy sidewalk cafe. Ok, back to reality...

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