Monday, November 3, 2008

Daily Hot Flash

With 24 hours to go until Election Day...all I can think is...what am I going to do with my free time when it's over? What will I do with all of my pent-up aggression if I'm not raging about Sarah Palin being received as if she had earned a place on the national stage? If I'm not defending Hillary Clinton? If I'm not checking the polls? If I'm not surfing past all of my favorite political websites? What will I do? Suggestions welcome, but keep it clean, people...

  • When you read this article, please remember that someone was paid to write it. Can you believe it? Like any woman over 40 needed to know that pretty trumps smart. Really? I'm shocked!

  • Are you missing Tim Russert as much as I am? I think he'd be gleefully enjoying this election season. NBC executives are getting close to announcing who they're planning on having attempt to fill his huge hush puppies.

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