Friday, January 23, 2009

Talkin' to myself and feelin' old

It's rainy and dreary here in Los Angeles. Which turns me into Karen Carpenter... without the eating disorder.Truth be told..It was my friend, Morgan Richter, who first started humming the lyrics to "Rainy Days and Mondays" this morning. So I know the only thing that can brighten a day like today is a cupcake.
  • While the rest of the world is waking up to the realization that they've either been pink-slipped, are about to be pink-slipped, or are living in fear of being pink-slipped every single day for the rest of their lives, Brangelina was nominated for Academy Awards and found a new crib on Long Island for their colors of Benetton family.
  • Have you ever had an IT guy come to save you from your computer that looked like Brad Pitt? Yeah, me neither.


Morgan Richter said...

Cupcakes make everything better. Proven fact. My secret cupcake place in L.A. is Famima!!, the Japanese convenience store chain that's been cropping up everywhere -- they're cheap ($1.75, I think, as opposed to $3.75 at Crumbs) and very tasty. Chocolate banana and cappuccino are my favorites.

I can talk endlessly about cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

The problem with cupcakes is that you have to deal with guilt the next day. Since I weigh myself each morning, I would notice a pound or two. That would be very upsetting. I guess I will just have to hope for sunny and warmer weather as my pick-me-up. Since I am presently dealing with single digit temps and over 100 inches of snow in northern Michigan...any improvement would be welcome.