Monday, January 26, 2009

I'll Have Whatever She's Having...

For some Cinderellas, the clock just never seems to strike Midnight. I don't know what part of Manhattan Susan Sarandon lives in, but it's obviously near the Fountain of Youth. She looks incredible! While other movie stars of her vintage (most notably Jessica Lange) have succumbed to some really startling plastic surgery to ease their transition through middle age, Susan Sarandon either has the most subtle plastic surgeon on the east coast, or she's got great genes. She had it all going on at the SAG Awards last night. Check out all the dresses -- good and bad -- on the red carpet at the award ceremony.

  • Are you still wondering what's going on in the White House with the new First Family? Yeah, me too. Since I'm an HGTV addict, I'm really intrigued by their choice of interior designer. Michael S. Smith is based in California and is known for mixing antiques with modern touches. But is he kid-friendly? And for your viewing pleasure, here's a Jackie Kennedy vs. Nancy Reagan smackdown over White House style. Still not over it yet? Then ask yourself what you would do if you were hired to give the White House a makeover.

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Anonymous said...

You are one good looking woman, Cinderella. You can compete with Susan Sarandon any day.