Sunday, February 22, 2009

Accidentally Live On The Red Carpet!

Yes, that is me on the red carpet with Oscar's golden buttocks in the background. I know what you're asking yourself...what is she doing at the Academy Awards without having her hair and make-up done professionally? I was wondering that same thing. On Friday morning, I took a commuter train to downtown Burbank and then caught a shuttle to my office. In the afternoon, I caught another shuttle to North Hollywood where I got on the subway going downtown. Usually, I get off at the Hollywood & Highlands complex and get on a bus to the Grove where I meet up with the Handsomest Man Alive for a little Happy Hour cocktail to celebrate the 'Yabba-dabba-do' arrival of the weekend. But this past Friday what I didn't realize was that Hollywood Blvd. had been completely shutdown for the Oscars ceremony pre-show set-up. So when I came up from the underground, instead of a bus stop -- it was a red carpet. What the...? After inquiring with a security guard, I walked east on Hollywood Blvd. to what he claimed was another bus stop...but after a mile, I turned around and limped back because I never found anything that looked remotely like a bus stop. I did find many Korean tourists, a few drug dealers, a hooker or two (or at least some women who need to rethink their fashion choices) and a homeless man who spits when he's not talking to himself. By the time I made it back to Hollywood & Highland, I was sweating and my feet were blistered. I was frustrated and upset. I called the Handsomest Man Alive who agreed to come rescue me. And once he arrived, magically my fortunes changed. We decided to explore the red carpet area. Let's face it! It's as close as we'll ever come. We've got an entire photo album featuring us -- looking joyous albeit unprofessionally styled -- on the Academy Award red carpet. Eat your heart out, Ryan Seacrest!


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous to me. (Your Mom)

Rosyblue said...

Girl, you look fabulous! Loved your post, especially the part about the women who need to rethink their fashion attire! :)