Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Midnight at the Oasis

Happy Fat Tuesday! Packzi is the reason that the best place to be in the world to celebrate Fat Tuesday is Detroit.

I have new job duties that are keeping me busy all day long. I haven't completely figured out how to blog on a daily basis and do everything that I need to do at the office. So I've just got a few links today to pass along until I figure it all out.

It was a starry, starry night at the Oscars. Only the stars were in the skies rather than the seats. Don't cry for Mickey Rourke, he's about to land a part in another film that will have a honey of a paycheck.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel's attempt to catch up on Oscar bait before the Academy Awards was foiled. Don't forget, President Obama's telling us all what's on his mind tonight. Meanwhile, Mrs. O has been busy hosting dinner parties and flying on Air Force One.

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