Wednesday, March 25, 2009

While the cat's away....

Sarah's got jury duty today, so I'm taking over and guest blogging. She'll never notice. Can you imagine what kind of trouble I could get into if I only had opposable thumbs? Spring has finally come to the Santa Clarita Valley and I've been leaving the comfort of my fuzzy cup on the sofa for the thrills on the patio. There are many wonderful plants and herbs that I enjoy nibbling behind Sarah's back. The deliciously-scented jasmine is a favorite, and I often receive a visitor of the male feline persuasion. He's very athletic and can scale the wall in a single bound. I love having the place to myself and have few complaints. But I do have to tell you that the stuff she's been feeding me all these years that she calls 'Fancy Feast' isn't.  I'll blog again, when my servant...Sarah is out of town.

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