Thursday, March 26, 2009

You're As Cold As Ice

The competitive world of college basketball in the month of March is a passion for many. Did you know there are vasectomy clinics that actually advertise to men that it's a great time to get snipped and take a couple days off parked in front of the television? And the clinic says it saw a 10% increase in its business last year.

As if!

Personally, I've always believed that a bracket is a useful tool for successful punctuation. I'm slightly more intrigued by college basketball than professional hoops – but honestly, that's not saying much. It's just not my scene.

March is my favorite time of the year because I look forward to it for the competitive high-stakes that is the ISU World Figure Skating Championships. This year, the competition is here in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. At first, I had dreams of attending, but after seeing the prices charged for decent seats, I had second thoughts. For what they were charging for mid-level seats, Evan Lysacek would've had to perform a personal lap dance on me for me to feel I was getting my money's worth.

And I was frustrated to discover that figure skating is no longer broadcast on the sports channels. I have for years thought that eventually someone was going to realize that a sport that requires sequins, may not be a sport per se. But that shouldn't take away from how much talent and athletic ability it takes to be a factor in figure skating – nor how hard the competitors work to become the best. Figure skating competitions have found a new home on the Lifetime and 'WE' channels. I don't know whether to be insulted or relieved to have it on a "women's channel." (Check your local listings so you can see all of the skating, Betty.)


Either way, it's there…all of it…hours and hours of figure skating that I can watch at 5:00 am in the morning while I'm getting ready for work. Can you think of any nicer way to start the day?
Me neither. Brackets, schmakets…

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