Friday, July 31, 2009

Get on the Clue Bus

Yesterday, I had a bad day. I mean it was stinking bad. The server was down at work -- when the Internets are broken, it's hard to work on the Internet...and everything was my fault. Three phone calls to the hair salon -- and I still couldn't get an appointment. My own personal plumbing has gone on the fritz again. I spent the night huddled into a ball of pain on the bed. But the kitten was very comfortable nestled in against my body heat. She never has a bad day...and when she does, she doesn't let it get to her the way I do. And while my train hit an old man on the way home from work -- it didn't hurt him -- it just knocked the shopping cart out of his hands. So that's a good thing.

Today is Friday. I have high hopes for making it through the day...but am very doubtful that my dignity will be intact. You can't ask for miracles. I am hoping that my train home doesn't hit anyone or anything. I will declare the day a success.

Ed. Note: The video story about Caspar the commuter cat has been removed from the Internets. It looks like all of the Internets. So here's the text. I can't guarantee that it won't read it now...or else!

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