Monday, July 27, 2009

Mad Men and Bad Women

The countdown has begun until the start of the third season of Mad Men. I can hardly wait. The first summer I was the only person I knew who was watching this crazy show on AMC. It was on two late for me to watch it at its original broadcast time of 11:00pm. So I used to watch it the next day when I got home from work. I didn't have air conditioning at the time. So I remember sitting there in the heat, watching this hot show, but not having anyone to talk to about it. Everyone started watching the second season. Then the amazing little show that could won the Emmy, and now everyone is anxiously anticipating the third season. Me too! My other two favs -- Project Runway and Top Chef also both return in August. Project Runway is going to be based in Los Angeles this season, and Top Chef in Las Vegas -- which makes me even more excited.

When I named the kitten Roxy, I thought I was giving her a name that matched her sassy little personality. Now that I know her better, I realize that I should've named her Sugar, because she is just a little sweetie. Every time we go to the grocery store, I come home with another little toy for her. She treats all her toys like treasures. Last night at the grocery store we had all our stuff up on the conveyer belt when they told us we would have to move to another check-out aisle. With the assistance of a bagger who couldn't have cared less if our stuff was breakable or not, we had to refill the cart and then transfer it all back onto the conveyer belt at the new check-out stand. I noticed that the top of one of the yogurt containers had been opened in all of the loading and reloading -- so I went to the back of the store to find another one. When I got back, the checkout guy, the bagger and the HMA were waiting on me. All my stuff had been haphazardly tossed into plastic sacks. (Isn't that just the kind of casual disregard that got the yogurt lid busted in the first place? I mean, really? But I digress...) It was like nine hundred-eleventy-thousand degrees in the parking lot, and we were in a big fat hurry to get everything loaded before we burned up. While putting the bags in the trunk of the car, I found the cat toy in the cart outside of one of the bags. I never looked at the receipt, but I'm not completely sure I paid for that toy. I do know that Roxy considers it her most favorite treasure of all -- and I wonder if it's because it's like pirate's booty. Perhaps, I should've considered a pirate name...

Susan Boyle has recorded one of my favorite songs...and here's a wonderful summer movie you shouldn't miss.

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