Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tonight's the Night

It's return of my beloved Tim Gunn. He's the fashion guru who gives advice to all the little fashionista-wannabees on Project Runway. Season Six returns tonight -- which is very exciting because it is in Los Angeles. So I'm kind of hoping to see all of the hopefuls at locations that I recognize around town.

Last night was the grand finale (insert fireworks display here) of Top Chef Masters. Rick Bayless walked away with the big prize. He beat-out the French chef Hubert Keller (and you know the French are the original foodies) to claim the top prize. He's also from Chicago -- so go Midwest! And he seems like an all-around good egg.

It was also the first episode of Top Chef: Las Vegas. It was a fun episode except you really can't tell the boys from the girls. (I sound just like my grandma Azalia.) They all have androgynous haircuts and their bodies are all tatt-ed up. It's nasty. A few of them can cook though, and it was fun picking out the best of the bunch from the first elimination challenge. I've already got my favorites. It was also fun because they were going to all kinds of locations that we recognized in Las Vegas. The Top Chef kitchens are in the new M Resort that we explored on our way out of town last time. It was pretty swank.

And Mad Men is back. Or should I say ARE back. I guess for me the focus isn't always on the men of Mad Men. While I find Don Draper to be very yummy, it's the storylines of the female characters that absolutely fascinate and intrigue me. It's just too too much fun to bear.

What do you think it says about me that all of my favorite shows are mid-summer place holders for the primetime television season that doesn't start until October? Ok. Maybe. But say, what you will...I think I've got great taste. And a full DVR...that's true happiness.

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