Friday, November 6, 2009

Living With Picasso

Do you remember that four year-old girl who stunned the art world with her incredible abstract paintings? Marla Olmstead's works are for sale on her own website and hang in many prestigious galleries. She was featured on 60 Minutes and in a documentary. Her father is an artist and the question has been brought up many times if it is really Marla who is doing the painting. Maybe...maybe not. I can tell you that her bank account is probably bigger than mine.

My cat is a modern artist. I have submitted her most recent work above for your review. I think she is a genius and I would be happy to bring her over to your house any time to your convenience where for a nominal fee she can create a custom installation in your home that will bring you years of enjoyment. Or frustration...depending on your point of view -- sitting or standing -- at the time.

I couldn't be more proud.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LMaO, i think you're on to something there...the traveling modern art cat that does house should teach it to crap on the paper after the fact,like its making a statement about the way humans treat animals in pet shops etc...or how Morris was ripped off of all his earnings while making commercials for the big corporate cat food company...poor kitty, he'd roll over in his Chinese food if he found out what cats get paid these days.....can i have a copy of that pic? thanks!