Friday, January 29, 2010

The Princess ditches the pea

Tomorrow is a big day in my house. I'm getting a new bed. That's right, I will no longer be sleeping on the Princess & the pea mattress that I bought when I moved to Los Angeles seventeen years ago. I came here to go to school, so timeliness and price were the highest priorities -- so I called 1-800-DIALABED. For two hundred bucks, they delivered a bed within two hours. I can assure you that while it resembled a bed, it was not designed for sleeping or comfort. I have augmented it over the years with a series of eggshell mattress pads and feather beds with some slight improvement. This time, I took my time picking out a new bed. I visited several stores and rolled around on many mattresses in public. At one store, the kinda sleazy salesman kept wanting to sell me a matress cover for $75. He said it would prevent the mattress from getting 'stained.' I turned to the Handsome Man Alive and said, "does he think I'm incontinent or is it that he thinks I have some kind of seriously problematic sexual disorder?" The HMA said the guy was just getting spiffed on mattress cover sales and to get in the car because we were leaving.


I went back to the store where my mattress search had originally begun. The nice sales guy there helped me find a superduper extra plush pillowtop that will be delivered some time on the morrow. A nap will immediately follow. Ah, bliss!

Saw this little bit of good news today, I thought I would share it. Isn't it better to start the weekend with good news rather than bad? I think so too.

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