Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm gonna walk out by myself...

I know that I need to move past the Super Bowl. This weekend brings two events that I've been looking forward to for a long time -- Olympics opening ceremonies and Valentine's Day. I'm so excited about the Olympics that I've already planned a meal to be served in front of a giant-screen television while athletes from around the globe parade past me in ski gear. Let the games begin! And Valentine's Day -- well, I know for most people it's a holiday of fear. For many years, I celebrated Valentine's Day as tradition dictated. As a single woman, I spent the night alone with a cat and a good book -- and I had a GREAT time. I think it's too bad that people feel pressured to be romantic on Valentine's Day. It's the same as people feeling pressured to drink and be merry on New Year's Eve. There's nothing worse. When I was a kid Valentine's Day was about showing the people you love that you love them. My mom always gave my dad a Car & Driver magazine and a bag of candy orange slices. That's it! That's all it took. It's the little things that really matter. And so I'm moving forward...I'm looking the Olympics and Valentine's Day...but I couldn't help but notice this sister to the "Betty White" Snickers ad that aired during the Super Bowl. I think the TV spots are a little ageist -- but I also think that a sense of humor is a woman's best asset -- and a really great sense of humor will never sag beneath your belly button. And did I mention that I love Aretha Franklin! She's a hometown girl.

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