Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Doesn't This Come In Blue?

I really, really, really wanted a Snuggie. I would've settled for a Slanket. I didn't get one -- and perhaps that is for the best. I doubt that I would leave the sofa if I was draped in a blanket with sleeves. Why? I can't think of one good reason. And now this. Are they kidding me? I have a laptop, a cellphone and a new mattress at home. I can take calls and log into my work computer from the privacy of my own bedroom. Why am I getting up before the buttcrack of dawn and risking my life in drive time traffic in order to work in a cubicle? No. Don't answer. I know why. My paycheck is my motivation. But do you really think anyone would notice (or even ask any pointed questions) if I showed up for work on a Casual Friday in a Hoodie-Footie? I'm almost willing to find out...

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