Friday, January 28, 2011

Trapped Under A Heavy Object

Have you gone to see "The King's Speech" yet? If not, what's holding you back? Twelve Academy Award nominations not enough? And Colin Firth...I mean, what's not to like? For Heaven's sake, how often is the front-runner for "Best Picture" a lovely period piece set in some of the most luxurious palaces and castles in all of England? Usually it's a dark and moody drama set in a ramshackle shack on the bitterly cold and forlorn coast of Nova Scotia. (My apology to my one fan in Nova Scotia...that's wishful thinking on my part. I don't know anyone in Nova Scotia, but I do have family who hails from that neck of the woods, so you just never know when you're out in the wilderness of the World Wide Web. But I digress. "The King's Speech" is a true story about Queen Elizabeth's father -- who got help with his speech impediment from an irreverent Aussiel (Is there any other kind?)  This is a little footage of the real King with his real stammer...just so you know we're not making any of this stuff up.

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